Compensation Plan

The Sol & Spire Compensation Plan was designed to reflect our Company’s key tenets: honesty, community, transparency and quality. You don’t need a PhD to understand our plan that is both straight forward and lucrative.

Our goal is to pay the highest commissions on your sales and your team sales in three levels. We marry our plan with aggressive price discounts, bonuses and all the tools you need to profitably drive and monitor your business. Whether you want to Pay it Forward just enough to get your products free or create a fast-growing CBD business, Sol & Spire is here to support you.

5 ways members earn money:

Earn 20% commissions on customer purchases on your website or purchases directly from you.

Earn a $25 bonus for each new Member that you enroll when they make their first purchase. Earn a $25 Jump-Start Bonus for every 3 new Members you enroll in your first 3 months. Members receive ten free Membership discount codes they can share with their friends.

Earn ongoing monthly commissions on purchases by Members on your team.

Purchase Bundles at deep discounts for your personal use or to sell at our suggested retail prices.

Earn large bonuses plus commissions when your Members purchase Bundles.

* All referral bonuses are earned upon the first purchase by newly referred Members.

Member Benefits:

Peace of mind knowing you are enjoying and sharing the best CBD products in the market. Unlike so many others, Sol & Spire products contain the promised CBD levels and test free from harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Access to the latest CBD products and easy-to-understand information developed by industry experts committed to be the Honest Authority on safe, effective and easy-to-use CBD products.

Members Save With Ease

  • Purchase any product at a 20% discount. Additional discount with Auto Delivery Subscription
  • Use your ten free Membership discount codes to treat your friends and family to Membership and all its benefits.
  • Easily apply your monthly earnings to your next purchase or receive a check – your choice
  • Gain priority access to new products with exclusive 50%-off pricing
  • Enjoy the ease and additional discount with our fully flexible, subscription tool allowing you to enjoy consistent CBD use without interruption. Change, pause, stop and restart with ease.

Earning with Retail Sales

Sol & Spire Members are offered wholesale prices at 20% off retail prices. Purchase online and enjoy the products yourself, share with friends and family or resell them to earn retail profit. Even easier, send a Customer to your replicated website and earn the full retail profit. A Member’s retail profit is the difference between the retail and wholesale prices.

Example #1:

Member buys a 750mg Oil for $72 and sells it to their neighbor for $90. The retail profit the Member earns is $18 ($90 – $72).

Example #2:

Member refers a new customer to Sol & Spire’s website. Customer purchases a 750mg Oil online for $90. The Member automatically earns the $18 retail profit.

Earning Member Sharing Bonuses

Members can earn Sharing Bonuses when a new Member joins Sol & Spire and places their first order.

When a Member refers a new Member to Sol & Spire’s website, they earn a $25 Sharing Bonus on the new Member’s initial product purchase.

If a Member leaves Sol & Spire and later re-enrolls as a Member, a second referral bonus will not be earned. The Sharing Bonus is a one-time bonus earned the first time a new Member is enrolled.

The referring Member must have Personal Volume (“PV”) of $65 or more in the month the new Member enrolls to receive the $25 Sharing Bonus. Personal Volume or PV is the wholesale purchase value of any personal or Customer orders.

There is no limit to the number of new Member Sharing Bonuses a Member can earn.


Member enrolls a new Member who purchases 1 – 750 SoftGel and 1 – 500mg Pepper Ginger Cream. The discounted price to the new Member is $144 ($72 each). The referring Member earns a Sharing Bonus of $25 plus a 10% Commission of $14.40 – a total of $39.40 – that can be received by check or applied against their next order. The Member will continue to receive their Commission on every new Member purchase so long as they maintain their monthly PV. Of $65.

New Member Jump-Start Bonuses

A new Member can earn increased sharing bonuses during their first 3 full months as a Member. This Jump-Start period includes the remaining days of the month they enrolled and the next 3 full months.

During a new Member’s Jump-Start period, they will participate in the new Member Sharing Bonus, earning $25 for each new Member they enroll. Plus, new Members can earn an additional $25 bonus for every three new Members they enroll who place an order during the Jump-Start period. There is NO LIMIT to the number of Jump-Start Bonuses that can be earned.

The referring Member must have Personal Volume of $65 or more in the month the new Member enrolls as well as when the new Member places their first to receive their $25 Sharing Bonus and the additional Jump-Start Bonus.

How it works:

When a new Member refers 3 new Members, the referring Member will receive an additional $25 bonus for every 3rd new Member.

1 new Member = $25

2 new Members = $50

3 new Members = $100!

There is no limit to the number of Jump-Start bonuses that can be earned during a new Member’s initial 3 months!


Member refers 3 new Members in their first month. Two Members purchase 2 – 750mg Oils each and one Member purchases 1 – 750mg Softgel. The total price of the Members’ purchases is $360 ($72 x 5 products). The referring Member earns $100 in bonuses (3 – Sharing Bonuses and 1 – Jump-Start Bonus) plus $36 in Commissions. That’s $136. The Member will continue to receive Commissions on those Member purchases so long as she maintains her monthly $65 PV.

Earning with Monthly Referral Income

Sol & Spire Members can earn monthly commissions on the wholesale purchases of the Members they have directly enrolled in the Company. Members can also qualify to earn monthly commissions on wholesale purchases of their indirectly enrolled Members upon achieving specific monthly qualifications.

Team commissions are paid on 3 Levels. Level 1 is personally enrolled Members and Levels 2 and 3 are indirectly enrolled Members. Members must have $65 in PV to earn commissions each month.

Directly Referred Members = Personally referred by a Member

Indirectly Referred Members = Referred by another Member who was referred directly. Indirect sales can pay 2 levels down – a total of 3 paid levels.

Member Income

When a Member is active with at least $65 PV they become eligible to earn 10% commissions on all purchases by any Members they have directly enrolled.


Referred Member orders 2 – 750mg SoftGels for $144. Member earns 10% of $144 in wholesale purchases or $14.40

A Member can earn 10% commissions on wholesale purchases by all directly enrolled Members.


In the example below, the Member earns 10% of the $720 in monthly purchases from the 7 referred Members (10% x $720 = $72).

Rank Up

As Members increase their activity and personal volumes, they access higher commissions payout levels.

Rank-Up & Unlock New Levels

Adv = Advisor

Conditions Member 1-Star Adv 2-Star Adv 3-Star Adv
Personal Volume $65 $65 $130 $130
Qualified Leg 3 4 5
1-Star ADV Legs 1
2-Star ADV Legs 2
3-Star ADV Legs
Commission Rates
1st Level 10% 10% 10% 12%
2nd Level 5% 6% 7%
3rd Level 5% 6%

Qualified Leg

Advancing ranks can provide significant increases to a Member’s earnings. Advancing rank is based on attracting other equally motivated Members who wish to share Sol & Spire products with their friends and family.

Advancing to a 1-Star, 2-Star and 3-Star Advisor requires developing “Qualified Legs” in your Member organization.

Personal Volume = Personal monthly purchases by the Member including the wholesale value of any purchases intended for resale

Group or Group Volume = Personal Volume and the volume of all Members down 3 levels

Leg = The sum of all the Personal Volume of a directly referred Member and all the Personal Volume of their directly enrolled Members 3 levels down.

Qualified Leg = A leg is considered “Qualified” with $300 in monthly Group Volume in that leg.


In the example below the Orange Leg is a Qualified leg with $432 in GV ($144+$72+$72+$144) and the Green Leg is Qualified since the directly referred Member ordered $300. The Grey Leg is not a Qualified leg.

1-Star Advisor

As a 1-Star, you are paid 10% commission on your 1st level. You are eligible to be paid 5% commission on second level purchases.

To qualify and earn income as a 1-Star you will need 3 Qualified Legs (legs with a minimum monthly Group Volume of $300).

2-Star Advisor

As a 2-Star, you are paid 10% commission on your 1st level. Your 2nd Level commission increases to 6%. You are eligible to be paid 5% commission on your 3rd level.

To qualify to be paid as a 2-Star, you need the same qualifications as a 1-Star plus one qualified 1-Star Leg.

1-Star Leg: = A leg with a qualified 1-Star (or higher) somewhere in the depth of the leg to level 3.

Your monthly Personal Volume must also increase to $130.

3-Star Advisor

As a 3-Star, your 1st level commission increases to 12%.  Your 2nd level commission increases to 7%.  Your 3rd level commission increases to 6%.

To qualify to be paid as a 3-Star, you need 5 Qualified Legs including at least 2 legs qualified as 2-Star or higher. A 2-Star leg must have a qualified 2-Star Member (or higher) somewhere in the depth of the leg to level 3.

Earning with Bundle Packs

Sol & Spire currently offers two Bundles of products that Members can purchase for their own use or to resell. The packs are deeply discounted to provide Members the flexibility to manage pricing and profit appropriate to their clients.

Purchase a Starter Bundle

The Starter Bundle is designed to allow Members to purchase 6 Sol and Spire products for only $265 which is a savings of over 50%!  These products can be for personal use or sold to your first customers at full retail.

 The Bundle includes 1 – 1200mg Oil, 2 – 500mg Pepper Ginger Creams and 1- 750mg Softgel with a retail value of $570.

The Starter Bundle is a one-time purchase during a new Member’s Jump-Start period.


Member purchases a Starter Pack for $265 and sells all 6 products at our suggested retail price of $570. Total profit is $305!

Purchase a Business Bundle

Members can purchase the $495 Business Bundles at any time to have products for personal use or to have a small inventory to offer their customers. 

The Business Bundle includes 10 products at a discount close to 50% and can be customized to enable Members to select the products that best fit their clients’ needs.

The 10 products can include the 750mg Oils, 750mg Softgels ,500mg Pepper Ginger Creams (limit 4), and 1200mg Oil ($16.50 upcharge).


Member purchases a Business Pack for $495 and sells all 10 products for $90 each or $900. Total profit is $405. Price/profit of the Business Bundle will increase if the 1200mg oil is added.

Bundle Bonus

Members will earn bonuses and full commissions when their directly enrolled Members purchase one or both Bundles.

Sell a Starter Bundle:

Members earn a $75 bonus plus commissions of 10% on $265 or $26.50. Total earned is $101.50.

Sell a Business Bundle:

Members earn a $100 bonus plus commissions of 10% on $495 or $49.50. Total earned is $149.50!

A Sharing Bonus cannot be paired with a Bundle Bonus; only the Bundle Bonus will be paid.

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